Round wooden plate

Plate round 180 mm | birch veneer
Carton quantity: 10 pcs.
Carton quantity: 300 pcs.

Light, sturdy and very stylish plates are very popular with catering establishments (cafes, bars, restaurants, catering companies). Suitable for serving a wide variety of dishes, both hot and cold.

Such utensils are also useful when traveling, on vacation with children, going on picnics, celebrations, birthdays. Plates do not break, are not harmful to the human body, do not introduce a foreign smell and taste in food. In addition, dishes made of wood are very beautiful.

Disposable wooden plates are environmentally friendly product, using which you do not have a negative impact on the environment.

EGPW products are environmentally friendly, fully biodegradable and safe for health.

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Size: 180x180 mm

Type of product: Crockery

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