Set of disposable eco crockery for 10 persons

Cutlery sets
The set includes:
Plate 23 cm| Kraft paper |10 pcs.
Glass 250 ml| Kraft paper |10 pcs.
Fork 165 mm| birch veneer |10 pcs.
Knife 165 mm| birch veneer |10 pcs.
Stirrer 140 mm| birch veneer |10 pcs.
Tubing 180 mm| kraft paper |10 pcs.
Napkin | kraft paper |30 pcs.

We've gathered the most essential items from our line of eco tableware into one handy set. You'll find everything you need for the perfect picnic or trip out of town. The handy Kraft platters are perfect for hot dishes, snacks and snacks. And from the paper cups it is nice to drink not only icy drinks but also hot tea or coffee. For your convenience we've included a big pack of tissues as well as stirrers and straws.

Our products are made of 100% natural birch veneer and are absolutely safe for your health. By choosing products made of eco-friendly materials, you are not only taking care of your health, but also helping to save the environment.

EGPW products are environmentally friendly, fully biodegradable and safe for health.

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Type of product: Set of crockery

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